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Shelbourne Accountants are specialists in Auctioneers and Estate Agents Bookkeeping. We are centrally based in Merrion Square but we offer expert and cost-effective services to over 20 estate agents across Dublin.

Auctioneer Industry Knowledge

Bookkeeping for Auctioneers and Estate Agents is a newly regulated and highly specialist area that requires expertise, a real understanding of the industry and an understanding of the day to day needs of estate agents. The reporting requirements for auctioneers are complex since the introduction of the regulations. Our team have been working with estate agents for over 20 years and can offer a tailor made and practical service to each individual firm. Our experienced staff have successfully completed numerous Property Service Regulatory Authority (PSRA) Audits.

Auctioneer Bookkeeping

In choosing Shelbourne Accountants as your Auctioneer bookkeeping services provider, you have access to a whole host of advantages that you might not benefit from when hiring a bookkeeper to work solely for your firm or if you are doing the bookkeeping yourself.

  • We have a large team of fully trained, experienced and accredited Auctioneer bookkeepers who are supervised by our chartered accountants
  • We provide in-house bookkeepers, off site bookkeepers (virtual bookkeeping option where we can login remotely) or for emergency / contingency / holiday bookkeeping cover
  • We understand accounting requirements for estate agents both large and small
  • Our highly trained team are technically proficient in a wide range of auctioneer accounting and case management systems (including Lex Software, Klyant, Harvest, Expd8, Property gate and Rent View)
  • Our experienced bookkeepers are fully up to date on all PSRA Regulations and have experience in preparing for upcoming PSRA Audits
  • If we are retained to work solely on your bookkeeping, we can work in tandem with your own accountants to ensure all books and records are in order
  • We offer a flexible solution for your bookkeeping needs that can change, expand and respond as your business grows
  • Outsourcing your bookkeeping requirements frees up your time allowing you to concentrate on your clients.

Since the regulation of auctioneers accounts by the PRA, auctioneers accounts require a high level of skill and know how. Our team are experts in all areas of auctioneers accounts from sales to property letting to letting through management companies.
— Shelbourne Accountants

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