Whether you are new to contracting or perhaps you have been contracting for many years, we are on hand to offer a simple and friendly explanation of the process and to address any queries you may have by providing you with the best advice to suit your current position.

  • We are highly experienced in Contractors
  • Our team is highly trained and technically proficient
  • Our clients maximize tax efficiency
  • Our online portal is user friendly and efficient
  • Our Android & IOS App gives you 24 / 7 access
  • Our promises, expectations and agreed deadlines are always met
  • Our fee structure is transparent
  • We make things as straight forward as possible
  • We provide excellent customer service
  • We make switching Accountants easy
  • We offer a free initial consultation


Detailed Contractor Industry Knowledge

Our team have worked in this sector for over 20 years. We have developed considerable expertise in a number of specific industries. Our clients keep telling us that experience counts in their industries and they trust our advice because of our in depth knowledge of their business and their industry. Some of the industries we have contractor clients from include:

  • Aviation – Both flight crew and engineering
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Management Consultants
  • Medical & Health Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Tradesmen, including Builders, Plumbers, Electricians and Carpenters

We are a team of accountants who specialise in Contractors and who strive to understand your business and industry.

Our Solutions

Every contractor’s situation and requirements are different. At Shelbourne Accountants we will ensure you have a full understanding of each solution and help you analysis what solution best fits your particular circumstances. Our solutions for contractors are as follows;  

Managed Service Company

Shelbourne Accountants administer the Managed Service Company. You will be a Director of the company along with other contractors. We will register you as an employee of the Company and you will be paying your Tax and social Insurance through the PAYE system. You will be on the “S” class of PRSI. This is beneficial to those working on short term contracts whose income is subject to higher tax rates

PAYE - Umbrella Company

Shelbourne Accountants administer the Umbrella company. You will be an employee of the company along with other contractors. We will register you as an employee of the Umbrella company. You will be paying your Tax and social Insurance through the PAYE system. You will be on the “A” class of PRSI. This is very flexible and cost effective.

Your own limited Company

Shelbourne Accountants can assist you in setting up your own Limited company. This solution would be appropriate for contractors who would have multiple contracts or are on a long term contract.

Our team can advise you on your best options depending on your own professional circumstances.


“We are committed to deliver the professionalism and quality of work of a large accountancy firm, without the associated cost. We want to make the whole process timely, efficient and as hassle free as possible for our clients, and build our reputation as a market leader in accountancy and taxation solution services for contractors in Ireland. That is why we believe in a prompt response and good client service with full transparency of the cost and process involved."

Our Tech

We have designed a bespoke online portal available for our contractors so they can view their hours worked, payroll & upload expenses. We do not work 24/7, but you do not need us to, as everything you need is available on your secure online portal. You can use our mobile phone app for access to your accounting information, payslips, expenses, hours worked, along with access to our FAQ and suite of other helpful documents anytime, anywhere…

Our technology is easy to use, intuitive, flexible and most importantly it allows our Contractors far more convenience and efficiency. Our clients never have to wait for answers to questions as they are available immediately and can be accessed at any time. Our technology allows us to be pro-active, not reactive, to see how we can help you become tax efficient.

Contractors are specialists in their field, we are specialists in contractors accounts. We service a variety of industries that contractors operate in.
— Shelbourne Accountants
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